Does Your Running Fitness Tick All The Boxes?

Are you training these 10 components of running fitness to improve your performance and stay injury free?


These are the core components needed for your body to be able to cope without breaking down.

If you are new to running start with these.

1) Cardiovascular Endurance

The ability of your heart, lungs and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to the working muscles for a period of time so you can keep on running.

2) Muscular Endurance

The ability of your muscles to sustain an effort for a period of time.

3) Muscular Strength

The amount of force your muscles can produce in a single effort.

4) Flexibility / Mobility

We prefer to think of this as the overall range of movement a joint has available or the capacity a joint has for movement, rather than just a muscle's ability to lengthen or stretch.

Having these Foundations in place will help you to become a more effective runner and give you some protection against getting injured.


Once the Foundations are in place you can start to build up the skills to increase your speed and/or distance.

1) Speed

How fast you can run over a certain distance and time.

2) Power

Your ability to generate maximum muscular force in as short a time as possible.

3) Agility

How quickly you can change direction and control the position of your body during these shifts.

4) Balance

Your ability to control your body's movements in order to stay upright.

5) Co-ordination

The ability to move 2 or more body parts smoothly and efficiently with control.

6) Reaction Time

How quickly you can react to a stimulus or trigger, such as a starting gun.

As long as the Foundations are in place training and developing the Skills will start to lift your running to the next level and make you more resilient to injury.

All runners, regardless of level, should have solid Foundations in place for miles of safe, happy running.

How many boxes does your current running fitness programme tick?

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