F360 Running Performance Hub is a dynamic online  'One Stop Shop' for everything to do with running - injury prevention, performance improvement, nutrition, strength, conditioning and much, much more.  We offer a welcoming, fun and comfortable environment for individuals who would like to develop their running to improve their physical fitness and mental well-being for total health.

As qualified instructors and experienced exercise practitioners Claire and Norma provide a range of running resources from group classes, individual exercise programmes, e-guides and tutorial videos to performance improvement workshops.  Our running fitness experiences are carefully planned and designed to incorporate elements that support total well-being, using recognised national guidance from fitness providers, well-being organisations and charities as well as results from current scientific research. Our sessions blend movement, performance enhancement and mindfulness to take your running to the next level.

We strive to deliver our online services to the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America.  

We are passionate about continuous business improvement and development (as accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals). This ensures that we provide a service of the highest possible standard to support and inspire our customers to develop their health and fitness for total well-being.


Customer Focused

Services tailored to improve the well-being of the individual / community / organisation


Support, guidance and empathy for anyone wanting to improve their well-being


Fully inclusive to anyone on their journey to improved well-being


Working together with our customers to provide the best possible services for their goals and targets


Innovative, effective, evidence-based programmes developed in line with the latest health and fitness guideline and scientific research

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